IS THAT the sound of sour grapes coming from Nationalist Mr Nutt (Letters, 23 June)?

He accuses local Labour councillors of being “fixated with the out-of-town Blackwood Gate” retail park.

Mr Nutt neglects to mention that it was the last Plaid Cymru-controlled Caerphilly Council that refused to agree change of use planning permission for Blackwood Gate.

And it was the present Labour-led Caerphilly Council that gave the go-ahead to a change of use, so that now the retail park is thriving, bringing much-needed jobs to this area of Islwyn.

Local people will know which party works to bring jobs and prosperity to our communities in Caerphilly county borough – and it clearly isn’t the Nationalists, Mr Nutt.

Cllr Gez Kirby, St Andrews Drive, Pontllanfraith