ALMOST every day and every week we read in the Argus of shocking road and pavement motor crashes with long and painful suffering by victims and families.

Most unimaginable collisions are the result of speeding motorists, with Gwent having the second highest proportion of young drivers (Argus, May 28) involved in fatal and serious road incidents in the United Kingdom, new research has shown.

This a big worry for all families, so what is the Welsh Assembly Government doing about it?

The Welsh Language Commissionaire has announced the incredible plan to redesign all new road signs, highlighting the Welsh language instead of the English language.

Confusion, danger and road rage will obviously increase on our busy and congested roads if this costly brainwave is implemented!

It would be interesting to know what our traffic experts, Gwent Police, the RAC, the AA, haulage contractors and the majority of Welsh/English speakers think of this mindless proposal.

Brian Donovan, Darlington Court, Newport