AS Ian Williams has not yet responded to the claim that UKIP are a pro-capitalist party, we can conclude that they are in favour of exploitation through wage slavery.

Mr Williams, it seems, has no problem with the employer (capitalist) making a profit from workers’ labour? For example a worker may be employed for eight hours a day but the value of the products/services she produces say in two hours is enough to pay her daily wage; the other six hours work produces a profit for the employer/company once costs are removed.

Such legalised robbery is the norm in a capitalist society. So are you really in favour of such an unfair/unequal economic system, Mr Williams? (surplus value going to the boss class?) As an anarchist, I think the means of production, distribution and wealth should be owned and controlled by workers and the community. Production should be for need. It’s called libertarian socialism.

T Banfield Croesyceiliog Cwmbran