I AM incensed that once again the ‘Cardiff Taffia’ have upstaged and diluted the city and county of Newport’s chance of glory and self esteem.

What I really feel about Cardiff’s business dominance at the expense of the rest of Wales cannot be printed. Over many years, I have warned of Cardiff’s relentless dominance. Unfortunately, many of the folk of Newport have retired into a state of apathy. Many of those who really cared about their town are old or dead. The demographics of the city are such that few are interested in the city’s history or heritage. History taught in the schools is very limited and is generally only concerned with kings and queens of England.

I would like to make a suggestion to Newport City Council. Why not create a Newport banner for the Nato conference?

The conference starts in 10 weeks time. Newport would be perfectly entitled to display its own banner in every part of the city – including outside the Celtic Manor resort. It would worth spending, say, £100,000 on producing our own banner. I am sure the investment would bring much greater returns to Newport than the Cardiff capital region.

Brian Hayes, Clearwell Court, Bassaleg