THE RESPONSE to the WAGS decision to erase the shameful name of Newport from the forth coming NATO summit has predicable yet sadly not received any condemnation from our promotion hungry pipsqueak AM’s Butler and Griffiths.

I also have seemed to have ruffled Paul Flynn’s feathers with my recent letter. He assured me that his daily diary published on the web does contain references to Newport. Sure enough about a month ago he does mention the refurbishment of a local department store and the Maindee carnival. To be honest I did not look back that far. I also notice whilst trawling his website with regards the NATO summit he states we must make sure the favourable publicity is not hijacked by other cities and amen to that but with the name of Newport now removed from the logo breaking all previous protocol I would say it’s first round to uncle Carwyn and the clowns of the bay.

C Bradley Caerleon Road Newport