I CRINGED when I read Ed Balls’ comments on the operation of the Barnett Formula.

This man used to be a Treasury adviser yet cannot understand or accept what has been argued by four different reports – that the Barnett Formula has no principle for its existence and operates against Wales.

But then, this is no surprise. After ten years as Chancellor, Gordon Brown himself did not understand the Barnett Formula, claiming it to be a needs-based formula when it is actually a population-based formula.

This lack of understanding shows just how little leverage Welsh Labour has at the top of their party.

I wonder what Peter Hain makes of these comments now since his recent Damascene-like conversion to Barnett reform?

Welsh Labour has wholly failed to even put Barnett on the agenda in their party, despite it costing Wales hundreds of millions of pounds every single year, hurting our public services because we have less money for our schools and hospitals.

Labour has paid lip service to putting Wales first while actively undermining our aspirations for a better society by under-funding Wales.

Andrew Nutt Heolddu Road Bargoed