I AGREE with Mrs G Stewart’s letter of Monday, July 7.

In my council tax, we contribute to the cleaning of roads, pavements and lay-bys.

I spend half of Tuesday evenings sorting out my rubbish for recycling. We do not get paid for this. Yet the council who get paid through our taxes cannot even sweep the streets clean.

The state of St Julian’s ward, especially the lanes and around Stockton Road, is disgusting. I have lived in this area all my life, over 70 years, and I have never seen this ward in such a state.

Our councillor chooses not to live here, so he, nor Newport East AM John Griffiths or MP Jessica Morden, have any idea the state of the ward, because they have not put a foot here since they were begging for votes at the last local elections.

Oh, Councillor Bright, when the President of the United States comes to Newport in September, be careful, when you bring him for a walkabout, along Caerleon Road, just past Tesco, because on Monday, I saw a rodent marching along the gutter.

But, then what do you expect, just look at the state of the area, vegetation, rubbish, food, mattresses, dog mess, you name it, we have it.

Miss O Davies Stockton Road Newport