GIVEN the toxic effects of glyphosate (cancer, birth defects, etc – see Greenpeace’s report) I ask Torfaen Council and Bron Afon CH to stop spraying such weedkillers around our estates.

It would be good practice to tell residents where weedkillers have been used, especially in areas where children play! Spraying and leaving areas wet with active weedkillers is dangerous as glyphosate remains active and toxic for several hours!

So sprayed areas should be cordoned off with warning notices or better still do some traditional weeding with hoes (etc)!

There seems to be a dangerous carefree mentality both within Torfaen Council and Bron Afon CH as to the use of weedkiller around our estates.

Maybe I should spray some on grass and invite the representatives of the above to run their hands through it, touch their mouths and their bare arms and legs and then see the results? (This is what children would do when they play on the grass and shrub areas!) It’s about time Bron Afon CH and Torfaen Council put resident’s health before weedkiller shortcuts!

Terry Banfield Cardigan Crescent Cwmbran