IT WOULD be a catastrophe to close the Caerleon campus of the University of South Wales completely. Caerleon has the potential to become one of the most important archaeological sites in the UK. The University of South Wales could use the Caerleon campus for a School of Archaeology and Ancient History. The Caerleon campus could also host a School of Art and Design – particularly with regard to developing virtual imagery applications. The Newport City campus could host a School of IT, Statistics and Business.

Newport is a far more accessible than Pontypridd. It would seem logical to relocate some “relevant” disciplines from Pontypridd to Newport City and Caerleon – and vice versa.

Newport, (though somewhat “stiffed’” by Cardiff) host city for the Nato summit 2014; and with a world class conference centre – due to be built by 2016 – would give the university a greater, worldwide profile – which would help them to better compete with other UK universities.

Brian Hayes Clearwell Court Newport