I REFER to the letter from Pat Davies of Pontywaun against the parachuting of Neil Kinnock’s son into a safe Welsh Labour seat. The comments online indicate a big support for this objection. I too am sorely against this practice.

Newport Labour once adopted this approach in the 90s, when Newport saw the election of Alan Howarth. Not a great success, and the MP rarely seen in the City, was replaced. Given this example, it is not healthy for Kinnock’s son to suddenly return to The Land of My Fathers!

There are scores of excellent potential candidates in Wales who would have a lot to offer in government so the very thought of a parachute should be scuppered.

I would have thought. The Kinnock family have had a fair share of politics and are now enjoying the financial rewards. Seek a seat in Milton Keynes, Mr Kinnock’s son.

Jim Dyer Stockton Road Newport