I WOULD like to respond to comments by a Labour spokesperson in connection with the senior officers’ pay scandal at Caerphilly council. I would like to remind the anonymous spokesperson that the Plaid group has always opposed the senior officers’ pay rises in CCBC. We opposed the Labour motion outlining the so-called compromise deal at the special meeting in January 2013 and have consistently done so since then.

More recently, on two occasions this year , the Plaid Cymru opposition invited the ruling Labour group to review the senior officers’ pay deal because of the severe financial situation which has now become evident. They are still failing to do so. In addition, Labour refused to reduce the number of cabinet members . They increased numbers as soon as they won control of the authority in 2012 in spite of previously asking Plaid to reduce from nine members. This attitude contrasts with the ruling Labour group at neighbouring, Rhondda Cynon Taf council which has cut the number of cabinet members and reduced their allowances by up to five per cent because of the difficult financial situation.

Sadly, Labour in Caerphilly is seemingly happy to look after those at the very top while other employees struggle.

Councillor Colin Mann, Leader, Plaid Cymru Group, Caerphilly County Borough Council