I WAS interested in Nick Webb’s assertion that by allocating differently the block allowance granted by the UK Government, the Welsh Government could avoid reduction to local government spending and instead reduce spending elsewhere. I am not sure where “elsewhere” might be - health perhaps or housing? Education might take a hit as well. The truth is that the funding allocated to the Welsh Government by this Tory/LibDem administration is already insufficient to allow services to run efficiently and maintain the standard of living expected by civilised people. People who are not in a position to access private social care will suffer. The family silver in the form of properties and assets belonging to the council will have to be sold or farmed out to tender, emergency services will have dangerously low staffing levels, yet only 130 miles up the M4, those who make these decisions barely know we exist. Mr Webb is quite right, however, the Welsh Government can spend its meagre allowance on whatever it chooses. So indeed can the UK Government – it too has finite resources and it chooses not to spend very much on Wales! The point is, they too have the option!

S Davis, Alway