IN REPLY to Ray Davies’ letter in the Argus of 11th July, could I say that he ought to get some of his facts right. Hamas has said and always will say that they are out to destroy Israel completely. They (Hamas) put children and people in buildings deliberately to attract attacks from Jewish forces by placing rocket launchers on the rooftops of these buildings and then fire rockets into Israel. Who started this current conflict in Israel? Hamas did by kidnapping and then murdering those three young Jewish boys going home from college. One way to stop this madness is for all the European governments, including ours, to call into question what our aid money to Gaza is being spent on? It is not going to those in need, it is going to buy arms for Hamas and the like to destroy Israel which is a legitimate nation under the United Nations charter of 1947. The simplest of answers is for Hamas and the like to stop hating Israel and to start to love their own people more than the hatred that they show to the Jewish people.

John Harrold, Newport