I RECENTLY attended my son’s leavers and school closure assembly at Pontymoile Primary School, Pontypool. I must congratulate all the staff and children for a highly emotional and enjoyable service. Watching many of the children, staff and parents in tears is a memory that will stay with me forever. What I must comment on is the lack of attendance from anybody from Torfaen Council. If you are to make such decisions regarding school closures affecting so many, please don’t be so spineless and gutless. Show your faces and witness the distress you are causing. This school was open for 104 years and has been quickly sold for less than the market value. TCBC might quote “student number decline” or “poor condition”. If only they’d maintained it accordingly.

Parents of Torfaen, please remove these clowns as they are not fit for purpose nor do they provide value for our money.

Jason Baxter, Henllys, Cwmbran