Reading the many letters in various newspapers, national and local, on the Palestine/Israel conflict it is clear that there is not going to be a quick end to this sad and deadly conflict.

There were several letters in the SWA recently, of differing views. Inevitably, this will perpetually be the situation.

Whatever the rights or wrongs, deaths of innocent people are now daily. Both sides blame the other.

As I see it, Israel was created in the 40s mainly because of the Nazi atrocities. As more Jews flooded the area, determined to make a nation there, the existing population of Palestinians were squeezed into their diminishing land.

Consequently there were numerous wars with Arab nations.

No-one can deny the determination of Israel, but they had little respect for the Palestinians.

For decades Israel has illegally occupied the West Bank and has consistently made new settlements outside its area. Can you blame the Palestinians for reacting when being constantly subjugated?

There are no winners in any war. Israel has vastly superior precision defence and attack systems and appears to have the backing of the USA. The death rate is greatly higher in the Palestine area.

Hamas will not stop and neither will Israel. Can anyone see these two nations co-existing as two separate governments? So very, very sad for the the innocent people there, and the world. Jim Dyer, Stockton Road, Newport