Well done, Ray Davies and H Roland ap Watcyn for speaking out against Israel’s barbaric onslaught on Gaza.

Just yesterday, four little boys playing football on a beach in Gaza City were mown down by the Israeli military.

This is just the latest act of terrorism inflicted on a starving population that exists in an open prison, the most densely populated place on earth.

Those blind to Israel’s flouting of international law are refuse to see what’s in front of their eyes.

This is apartheid. It is an occupation. British people are not being informed about what is happening in this one-sided “conflict.” However, thousands of those who are informed have besieged BBC studios across the country to protest against the corporation’s utterly biased coverage in favour of the Jewish state.

Even when 200 plus people have been killed, the news channels lead on ‘Hamas rockets being fired into Israel.’ If Israelis are fearful of rockets, of what use is its arsenal of state-of-the-art killing machines supplied by the West, but especially the US?

Carmel Townsend, St Julians Road Newport