I AM disgusted in the way Caerphilly council is intent on closing local bowling greens. As a bowler myself I have many friends from those threatened clubs.

Bowling clubs not only provide exercise but friendship and human contact of all ages. As an OAP the need for exercise and social contact is very important in keeping the mind, body and spirit active.

Many of the people using the bowling greens are widows or widowers whose only contact is with other bowlers, friends and people who watch.

Many of these OAPs gave up their youth for the war effort, so why expect them to give up their last years living in loneliness.

It is time your local councillors stood up for their elderly, where those bowling greens are under threat. They get enough of our taxpayers’ money in allowances and the council staff now enjoy a living wage, where most OAPs are forced to live in poverty.

Thomas Nutt Bargoed