WHILST trawling through the mainstream media “guff” there is no doubt some British historians believe it was just a “war on the Western Front”, clearly a myopic view as no single country can apportion blame, however, the most penetrating answer is imperialism.

It’s the highest stage of capitalism with rival powers seizing colonies on behalf of their powerful finance capital monopolists.

Overseas territories gave not only secure markets and raw materials but outlets for the export of capital and (as every well-informed boss knows) compensation for the tendency of the rate of profit to fall in their domestic industry.

Ninety per cent of Africa was divided amongst the European great powers by 1900 and their division of the world had reached completion, They could only expand further by large scale wars between the powers themselves.

War is endemic to capitalism. David Lloyd George explicitly said that Britain’s war aims were to create a fresh empire in the Middle East.

Mr T King Five Lock Road Cwmbran