COULD I write in praise of men? They really are able to do more than women, very often. They can release the fuel cap in your hire car and tell you whether or not it is diesel; they can open the tops of hermetically sealed milk pouches in motorway services; they know where your hotel really is when the sat nav tells you ‘you have reached your destination’ in the middle of a nondescriptcouncil estate; they are happy to reach items on the top shelves in supermarkets and can also translate from alien measurements into British; they will wait patiently at the check-out while you retrieve the contents of the handbag you inadvertently tipped upside down looking for your purse, and they can reverse your car down a narrow, winding hill with vehicles on either side. All in all, men are stars. God bless them!

L. Morse Hollybush Cwmbran