HAS THE world gone completely mad? So the editor of the South Wales Argus is rather upset that the place name Newport does not appear on the NATO Summit logo because it will restrict and hinder the marketisation of the city and hinder the accumulation of profit by the business community!

Does the editor or anyone else who has complained have any idea as to what NATO is all about?

Ask the people of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, (etc). Does operation “shock and awe” ring any bells? Does the use of depleted uranium armaments or the imposed sanctions on Iraq which killed ½ million children? (Which Madelaine Albright thought was worth it!).

Please read some Noam Chomsky on the US policy of full spectrum dominance and please stop making idiotic comments. But you won’t because you put making a quick buck before an iota of empathy or compassion! Your morality is money based on ignorance and stupidity!

Terry Banfield Cardigan Crescent Cwmbran