THE BELIEF that environmental salvation can be achieved merely by swapping one hydrocarbon based fossil fuel for another is a popular delusion among politicians, scraping the bottom of the barrel for a “response” to a problem that stops short of actually doing anything about the problem. (“Carrot and the big stick” SWA 30th July) Any measures to limit the pollution from motorised vehicles simply by reducing the emissions from them are bound to fail as long as the number of vehicles is allowed to increase year by year. There are simply too many cars in London, and in all our towns and cities, regardless of the fuel they are burning.

There are also too many cars on the M4 through south Wales but building a by-pass around Newport is attacking a symptom, not the cause. The lack of job opportunities here compels many people to travel long distances to work, often having to live away from home during the week.

The long-term solution of course is to provide more jobs in south Wales, and by producing locally what is consumed locally this will reduce not only the number of cars on the roads but also the number of HGVs. This is easier said than done, I know, but a start could be made long before any new motorway is built.

Clive Shakesheff Lewis Way Chepstow