I HAVE a friend living in Israel, and I keep her up to date with what’s being said in this country about the conflict. She mailed me today and this is what she asked me to convey to the people of Wales.

“I live in a poor part of Israel, my family home is overcrowded. The roads are pot holed and in an appalling condition. Although I am very well educated I cannot get a well paid job because women are treated as second class citizens.

“Members of my family were in prison camps and tortured in the last world war. Walking to catch the bus one sunny morning, it was blown apart by a suicide bomber, killing innocent men, women, and children, another day a close friend was shot by a cowardly sniper.

“Two days ago a rocket landed near my home. We civilians are now targeted by Hamas.”

To Mr Ray Davies and his know-all friends, one question for you. If rockets started landing on your village, would you ask your army to attack the source, or would you be prepared to sacrifice your family and friends, and say don’t attack the source in case there are civilians there? You need to grow up and smell the coffee, Hamas has said they won’t rest till Israel is wiped off the map.

M Peart, Beechcroft, Blackwood,