I HAVE intended to write this letter for a long time. The wonderful headline ‘Just look at us now’ plus photograph (Argus, Saturday August 2nd).-”Just look at us now” persuaded me to write. When I picked up this edition, I couldn’t help smiling.

The effect on my wife was the same. Whenever we passed the paper the photo had the same effect. You should produce more headlines and photos stories like this one and cut out the monsters, rapists, evil paedophiles etc.

Yes, you need to report these, but inside. The impression is that these are the majority of us, not the tiny minority they represent. These covers smack of national newspapers like the Sun and they do not help to enhance your reputation as a rational, responsible, important reporter of local news.

The photos of the ‘monsters’ are usually of young men, apparently from poor backgrounds, who have clearly not enjoyed the early advantages in life given to myself and probably yourself. I would feel saddened if your only way of selling the Argus was to use these lurid headlines. Please, lets have more like that of the beautiful Gilbert triplets and less of the monstersing.

R E Roome, Oakfield Rd, Cwmbran