A. BONDS letter(Wednesday 6th) was rather crude in its content and infantile in outlook. Perhaps MI5 would care to tell us why we have a 70 year time limit on the demise of our own Dr David Kelly of the WMD saga. To date the US, since the Second World War, has bombed over thirty countries. And when are they going to apologise for that Agent Orange gas in Vietnam – another illegal occupation. no Its silly to blame Marx for the demise of Russia, that’s like blaming Jesus Christ for the slaughter in the Crusades. How could a country that lost 27million from the last war want another one?(from the West) The Soviet Union was unsustainable, like North Korea today. It is state capitalism, not even Socialism. I’m saying the 15billion spent on Afghanistan could have been better spent in our communities.

T King, Five Locks Road, Cwmbran