CARDIFF and Newport Buses are to be messed up for weeks on end because of the Nato summit.

It is a scandal, old and infirm people will have to walk long distances often in pain to catch their buses.

Who asked the people of Wales if they wanted the Nato summit here? Wales is not a member of Nato.

We will not be represented there. What has it got to do with us? This meeting is being held in Wales to boost Carwyn Jones’s ego and so Cameron can show Wales is still part of the United Kingdom before the Scottish people vote YES for independence in September. Cameron well knows that once Scotland has gone, Wales will not be far behind.

All this disruption is not need and not wanted. We do not need or want this NATO meeting here. How many millions of pounds are being spent on this conference? How come the Tories in London and New Labour in Cardiff Bay can find millions of pounds to waste on this ego trip? How come they are cutting health and welfare budgets whilst they can spend millions on grand dinners for the international elite?

It’s time Wales was a free country and conducted her own foreign affairs for the benefits of her people.

It’s time we had a real government of Wales that served the interests of the Welsh people. Not Carwyn Jones’s pathetic puppet government controlled by London politicians of both the New Labour and Tory Parties in London.

K Parry, Cardiff