DID the Ryder Cup leave a lasting legacy for Newport? Of course not, and will the Nato summit bring any lasting benefits to the City? Of course it won’t However it does promise a good day’s entertainment and fun with a Nato-themed festival. But, as usual, tucked between the lines is the real issue, it reads, that the peace protest camp is to be sited here in Pill.

Woopydoo. That is going to be a buzz!

I am sure that the wigwams, beads and Ganga pipes will sit proudly in Courtybella , supported by the odd anthem from John and Yoko.

This is unbelievable.

Why Pill and why, does our City Council have to find funds to pay for this.

If anyone thinks that peaceful protestors will not draw the attention of their opposite numbers, they must be blissfully stupid – or intoxicated from a deep draw from the fungal dummies they appear to thrive on.

Let’s send them to Ridgeway shall we, plenty of room there, and with a view.

J Preece, Newport