IN response to the article printed in the Argus on August 9, I totally refute the description of Jonathan Sherwood and his “lewd” paintings. The said paintings may be graphic and indeed they are, but they epitomise the utter degradation of war and the total destruction and despair it causes. The article paints a totally wrong picture of Jonathan who has an innate hatred of war and violence and who seeks to address this in his paintings. Anyone who knows Jonathan will testify that he is non-violent, but holds strong views as to the inequality, unfairness and cruelty in the world. It is becoming increasingly apparent that we are approaching meltdown in the world. Indeed, world leaders do not know how to cope with the ineradicable situation. if they cannot cope, how do we lesser mortals manage? We devise strategies and this is Jonathan’s coping mechanism. I should know. I am his mother.

Mary Gwynne, Newport