IN Newport recently with my husband and grandchild who is 16 months old and in a pushchair, we were going to visit my daughter in Maindee. We went to catch a green bus, number 8c.

My husband gave the driver our bus passes, but was told we would have to pay for the child.

When I asked him why we had to pay as we have never paid for him on any other bus service as he is a baby, the bus driver said he had worked on the buses for 17 years and a child has to pay because we were riding free.

I know a child has to be under five not to pay. We have taken our grandson on many bus rides and the driver has never asked us to pay for him.

I telephoned their office and was told we have to pay for him as he was taking a space where the buggy was for people to sit down.

It would have cost me £1 each way for a baby of 16 months! No wonder Newport is not getting many visitors. when they have to pay for a child under 5. Has anybody else had to pay for a child if they have bus passes?

G I Morgan, Risca