SO DAME Butler is delighted to open the newly relocated post office, which she and the powers-that-be think is easily accessible to who? People living that end of town, not people from the east.

I bet Dame Butler did not come into Newport on the bus from Caerleon, Malpas or Corporation Road areas, get off the bus at the Carpenter’s Arms and walk all the way down to Emlyn Walk or Kingsway Centre. If she did I don’t suppose she had a walking stick or walking frame, or suffer with breathing problems.

The market tenants and the shops are crying out for customers. The bus stops have helped, people got off the buses, went to the post office, did their shopping and caught a bus home. For people with difficulties it is now impossible.

You have banks, building societies, hotels etc all located in the High Street area and needing a post office in the position that it has been for many years.

Well Cwmbran – expect an increase in footfall, the buses to you are always full, and they will get even fuller. Goodbye Newport.

O Davies, Newport