AFTER THE recent statement made by David Cameron on Iraq ,the question should be put at PM’s Question time “Does Mr Cameron live in this country or is it just an accommodation address?”

He said that should we not deal with IS in Iraq this terrorism will be on our streets. How did he miss the tube/bus bombings or the soldier killing in Woolwich, Choudry and his mob burning poppies/the union flag? Denial of the facts is the refuge of fools I have news for the PM. This pernicious disease is in our country, it is using our tax-funded education setup to brainwash children. The result is young religious zealots from across the country including Cardiff moving to the Middle East to kill maim and terrorise. More and more of these mentally damaged people are being allowed into our society breeding this cancer. If Mr Cameron and his colleagues understood a basic rule of gardening they would know the only way to kill weeds is to rip them out by the roots. It is common sense that pulling out weeds in a neighbour’s garden will not stop them growing in yours, suffocating your crop .

Dennis Jones, Park Place, Newbridge,