HEALTH and Safety gone mad?

WHO are these people in the comfort of their quango jobs who believe they have the monopoly of what is right. Oh their shoes shine splendidly in contrast with their intellect. Here are some of the so-called facts in the interests of safety: 1 The snaps were taken out of the Christmas crackers for the troops in Afghanistan (danger) 2 Risk assessment, three pages long, for oil workers (just in case they didn’t know their job) 3 Woman stopped from reading her Kindle for fear it may be taking photos of children.

4 In Cwmbran a fine butcher was fined over £27,000 for overlooking a bit of frozen meat that was past its sell-by date.

5 A car boot was raided (for selling the wrong stuff) 6 I know of one little chap who had the wrong registration for the trade that he’s been doing all his life, he had forgotten more about his trade than Health and Safety would ever know!

I could go on. No wonder there are so many people out of work, but Health and Safety still have their jobs. And what do we do about it — nothing. For us, we first have to find a bucket full of money to plead not guilty, so it’s easier to plead guilty and get it over with.

Well so much for the smug do-gooders, as for me I will be voting for UKIP in the next general election. I will never vote Labour again.

J Fisher, Pontypool