I agree with your previous correspondent in protesting about the change of venue for the post office. Not only is it further away from the railway station, bus station and market, it is also 900 yards from the top of Bridge Street. As your readers know, Bridge Street is the commercial centre of Newport. Many firms of solicitors, accountants and employment agencies occupy this area, indeed the whole range of service operations are to be found in the immediate area.

These firms send out and receive large volumes of mail, some of which has to be sent ‘recorded delivery. It follows that proximity to a post office enables us to offer a more efficient service to the public.

I see from the article on Tuesday Aug 12 (lovely picture of Rosemary Butler by the way) that the general manager of the post office crown network, Roger Gale, is quoted as being committed to maintaining post office services in Newport. There was nothing wrong with the position of the post office in Bridge Street.

Gerald Davies, Allt yr yn, Newport