WITH regards to S Bird’s letter on 8th August 8. I have a loud voice and probably speak for not only St Julians ward residents, but Brynglas, Malpas and Allt-yr-yn who endured the building of the M4 and the blasting of the tunnels and all the disruption and inconvenience it has brought to these areas for the past 50 years, not to mention the fumes and and constant noise. In St Julian’s, we have also had to put up with the building of the slip road to and from the M4 and the access road to Sainsbury’s and Cwmbran. bank Street suffers wit the traffic to the indoor bowling which shouldn’t be there in the first place.A council idea without consultation with residents, a school which should not have been sited there. the residents are not listened to. Now we have a nightmare with traffic building from 8.30am, again at 2.30pm and Edwards Coaches parking in Station Road with their engines running, waiting to pick up and drop off children. They are too big to go over the railway bridge which is the only access to lots of schools and the indoor bowling. Over the past 50 years, the quality of our lives has been greatly affected by noise, pollution and inconvenience. The M4 should never have been situated where it is. This loud voice says “no more” building or blasting in these areas. Our homes and roads cannot take any more strain. I forgot to mention we not only have the M4, but also the main Manchester and Holyhead railway lines running at the bottom of our gardens in Stockton Road to add to the pollution and noise. With all the fumes, we still have a few nonagenarians living in the area who are very active and breathing well!

Miss O Davies, Stockton Road, Newport