GERALD Davies (letters, Monday 7th August) is inaccurate when he says that Britain voted by a wide margin to leave the European Union.

I shall leave it to your readers to decide whether a 51.9/48.1 split is such a “wide margin”.

He is equally wide of the mark when he declares, “Wales voted overwhelmingly to leave.”  Not so.  

The Welsh result was 52.5% to 47.5%. Hardly overwhelming.

If Wales lose to the All Blacks this autumn by 47 to 52 points, no one will suggest an overwhelming defeat.

If Mr Davies really believes it’s time for everyone to come together in the interests of the nation he would support the notion of a further (binding) referendum.

This would take place once we know what is on offer and before we commit this country to a bleak future on the strength of an ill-advised referendum designed to placate certain elements of the Conservative Party.

Corinne Jones
Railway Terrace