AN ARGUS news item detailed that Mr Alan Davies, AM for Blaenau Gwent, Welsh language commissioner had presented his White Paper to promote (increase) provision of the Welsh language and implement additional legislation to enforce compliance.

Using another £20 odd million or so of the Senedd’s ‘scarce resources’ ie. tax payers money.

In the same Argus, the same Mr Alan Davies Am for Blaenau Gwent, appealed to the public to support the crisis in his constituents food bank.

An increase of 26% in the current year’s demand and a fall in donations, due to low incomes, has left his local food bank in crisis.

Is it beyond the wit of our politicians to understand that even a small proportion of the millions spent pursuing the dream of a million Welsh speakers by 2050, could be better spent the improving the numeracy and literacy of school leavers, reducing the waiting time for orthopaedic operations.

So helping the the citizens of Blaenau Gwent into sooner and better paid employment.

And lessening the demands on the local food banks.

My own local New Inn Primary School would show them what they have achieved by dedication and I am sure what could be achieved with some additional injected cash

Joan Briggs
Ambryn Road
New Inn