I AGREE with Ms Spadaro-Duttori (Letters 18th August) the British electorate deserve a binding democratic vote on membership of the EU.

Unfortunately, the lady seems to have overlooked the fact we had one in 2016.

The UK voted to leave! However, like her, I never believed Brexit meant I would be lounging on a beach in paradise or the battle bus slogan ‘Billions for the NHS.’

As an English speaking South Wales ‘Valleyite’, if Carwyn Jones and chums at the Senedd get their hands on even a part of those billions, it is more likely that I and similar ‘Valleyites’ will be chained to deckchairs on windswept Barry Island beach and force fed Laverbread until we capitulate and agree to learn Welsh.

Which seems the only way they will achieve their Welsh speaking targets by 2050!

Joan Briggs
Ambryn Rd
New Inn