THERE is currently a questionnaire issued by Torfaen’s Public Service Board (TPSB) entitled The Big Conversation - The Torfaen We Want which states that because of The Well-Being of Future Generations Act Wales public bodies need to do things differently and ask our views on achieving, for example, “a wealthier and prosperous Torfaen” where “natural resources are protected and enhanced as Torfaen is a positive place in which to live and work.”

But then TPSB worryingly, go on to undermine their own questionnaire by incredibly stating: “However in the future, public services will not be able to do everything so the support of our communities is critical.”

One wonders if TPSB have actually embraced the neo-liberalist ideology of the Tories privatisation of public services agenda?

Remarkably, they have perhaps a crystal ball in which the future is free of any socialist government who will bring privatised (profit for the few) industries such as transport (bus, rail), energy (gas/electricity) etc back into public hands thereby ensuring the very base of the Well-Being of Future Generations Act Wales?

They have seemingly reflected the very solution to our present collective misery!

Terry Banfield 
Cardigan Crescent