WHAT great news! 

Seven fly tipping miscreants caught on camera and fined a total of £525.

Before we all get gripped by euphoria at these successes, it is as well to point out the inadequacies of the punishment handed down for the offences when compared to the many thousands of pounds of public money frequently spent clearing up after these idiots.

Can we expect the same level of scrutiny leading to prosecution of one of the main offenders of this social scourge; the traveller communities. 
I suspect not.

May I suggest that Newport City Council consider the following additional sanctions be added to the fixed penalty fine:

1. Offenders must be made to clear the illegal deposits at there own expense immediately following the issue of the fixed penalty, otherwise it will seem that accepting a £75 sanction will be nothing more than cheap option.

2. Failure to comply will lead to a prosecution; if proven; all court costs and clean up proposals will be met by the offender.

I am certain that the long suffering ratepayers of Newport and surrounding authorities will be more than happy to add a few more suggestions to end the blight of this environmental menace.

Malcolm M Richards
Aberthaw Road