The police force are having to make swingeing cuts, not of their making. Further yet, but yet again our local health body is required to cut yet another £48m.

Both scenarios are beyond frightening. All of these draconian moves have been made by an administration that has neither been elected nor given a mandate to make such decisions affecting those who are not inept bankers and have not caused the financial problems by mismanagement. Neither did Labour. It is time for short- memory Tories to examine the facts. It started in the USA by moneygrabbers trying to make a profit from those in debt.

There is only one aspect of this situation that is even more distasteful – those who openly brag and gloat about not having voted!

It is upon their cowardly shoulders that responsibility for this paltry group of rejects and failures, find themselves with such unjustified power and call themselves a government.

Racist taunts and self gratification together with a total absence of any kind of a sense of responsibility, leave those who do vote a sense of sufferance inflicted by those without mettle!

Nigel Pearce, Pentland Close, Risca