While it is good to hear that £1.5m is to be spent on improving youth services in Newport (Argus, June 6), it is important for people to know that much of this money is coming from grants from outside bodies and not from Newport council.

This is not Labour Party largesse by any means.

To take one example: the internal refurbishment of Bettws Library and Information Centre will be funded by a £112,000 grant from the Welsh Government body CyMAL. The successful application to CyMAL was made in January of this year, by the coalition cabinet member for leisure and culture, along with other bids for Ringland and Caerleon libraries. Cllr Bob Bright says he’s sure the cabinet will support the extra spending, to benefit young people.Well, they’d be short-sighted not to, as most of the money is coming from outside bodies. And finally, the cabinet has already decided to approve the plans.

Why would it not?

Carmel Townsend, St Julians Road, Newport