I would imagine like the majority of younger people across the UK the only time we ever care for or take notice of the Royal Family is when they are either on the front pages of the press or when they are taking up television primetime slots.

I am neither a royalist nor a republican because whatever happens in the future we will always be ruled and led by over-paid, under-worked, bland and boring so-called leaders with whom we have nothing in common because that is how they end up in power, no-one ever notices them until they get to the top and when they are there no-one really likes them.

We will always be governed by people we will never know because it’s easier that way. Therefore, unless we can personally vote in or nominate a new Royal Family, I’m happy to keep the one that we’ve got.

That said, I did really enjoy the Queens Jubilee celebrations.

The only thing that I would have liked to have seen just once during the whole of the celebrations was for the Queen to at least try to look like she was enjoying herself.

Matthew Pimm, Milton Road, Newport