Against a sea of troubles

9:45am Wednesday 13th June 2012

THE Conservative Party during the general election campaign, and later in coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, rejected the view that the UK’s problems were mainly due to the geo-political and financial difficulties particular to western economies.

Now after two years of coalition governance, they have changed their view and (excuse the phrase) are in breach of promise in their engagement with the electorate, agreeing with that analysis.

Taking further liberties with Shakespeare, is it now time, that these merchants of menace, eased off their onslaught on the economically deprived?

I suggest that they should stop their exacerbation of the troubles in the economy, accept that they are in error, seek exit, if not by the bare bodkin of resignation, their quietus make, or at least by way of a significant U-turn, end the sea of misfortune, they are thrusting upon us.

Samuel Boyd, Narberth Crescent, Cwmbran


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