I UNDERSTAND and empathise with the sentiments expressed by Keith Parry regarding the Union Flag. Treading on the pedantic side I have to point out the Union Flag is an amalgam of the St Patrick’s, St Andrew’s and St George’s crosses therefore not the flag of England.

I can recall Colin Jackson, during an interview after he won a gold medal at the world championships some years ago, expressing the wish there was some part of his flag up there.

The history of the Ddraig Goch can be researched and I suggest it is possibly unclear. History would seem to favour the Cross of St David as the true flag of Wales. Should this be the case it is a symbol easily added to the existing Union Flag.

Wales is and always has been part of the British Isles.

Let us be recognised as such on the flag. I for one am fed up of being called English when I go abroad.

British I am, Welsh I am but I am not English!

Nigel Pearce, Pentland Close, Risca