An asset and not a liability

9:32am Friday 15th June 2012

I FEEL I must reply to those persons who claim to be Republicans. If you have a Republic you need a president.

Among the inmates of the House of Commons, The House of Lords and the Welsh Assembly there is no one who is fit to be president.

I will be 75 this year and in my lifetime there have been only two Prime Ministers who worked for the benefit of the country, not simply to benefit themselves – Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee.

What this country needs is the restoration of the monarchy, a cull of politicians, and the political boundaries to be re-drawn to coincide with the geographical boundaries. Wales has twenty two local authorities, thus needs only twenty two MPs/ twenty two AMs. All politicians should be aged over 60, to have been employed in proper jobs. Any new laws would be proposed and seconded by allowing all MPs to vote on it. Said law would then be subject to the same procedure in the House of Lords.

Any proposed new law would have to be submitted to the Queen for approval.

The Queen and the Royal Family are an asset to this country not a liability.

Brian J Jelf, Stelvio Park Avenue, Newport


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