ONCE again I am writing to you to say how angry and disappointed I am in the way we are treated as citizens of Newport. Our city, which is not worthy of being called a city had no celebrations for the jubilee, not a street party in sight.

Our bus station is a nightmare in itself. Where are all the false promises the council or whoever made to move it to a better location? It is the dirtiest and coldest place, people ride through on bikes with no-one patrolling the place to stop them, and what happened to the smoking ban?

As for our bus service, it is the worst in the country, never on time when you go to look for an inspector there is never one to be found, go to the office to enquire why the bus is late, to find it is shut.

Newport has got nothing going for it. It’s a good thing we’ve got Cwmbran and Cardiff to go to. So once again, I expect all of this will fall on deaf ears and be pushed under the carpet. Prove to me that someone out there is going to take notice of what we citizens want, to get Newport back on its feet.

Mrs Evans, Albert Avenue, Newport