IN RESPONSE to Jim Dyer’s splenetic attack on Brian Donovan (Argus, June 18) for highlighting once more the incidence of dogs’ mess left by irresponsible owners, I applaud Brian for his constant carping against the minority who will not soil their hands.

I have done much the same in both the letters’ columns and in Grassroots in the past. I’ve have no problem with raising the issue with owners I see being anti-social in this manner.

As a dog walker, I am disgusted at the amount I’ve seen deposited en route to Belle Vue Park and in the park. One woman complained to me because her grandchild had rolled into a mess in the grass. I too have grandchildren and would not wish them to suffer similarly.

The small minority averred by Jim Dyer is larger than he thinks. Take a stroll with me Mr Dyer, witness the mess, and stop pooh-poohing those who complain.

Gerry S Rose, Dewsland Park Road, Newport