IT WAS sad to read of another traditional church, St Mary’s, Malpas, experiencing financial problems. Several weeks ago I wrote of the upsurge of the modern style Victory Church in Cwmbran, where money seems no problem. This Americanised showbiz, razzmatazz type of religion draws the people in, but I have found it rather superficial.

I recently paid several visits to a tiny rural Methodist church in Gwehelog, near Usk, well kept by local volunteers, here with a fully ordained minister a congregation of about 20 max (unlike 300 at Victory) we had a Cymanfa Ganu, a Whitsunday service with tea and cakes and there is a forthcoming Sankey hymn singing morning which attracts visitors from all over Britain, even America.

The simplicity of these services seem so right and sincere, no crowd hysteria, if we should ever lose these traditional chapels and churches it would be a terrible shame.

R. John Smith, Greenwood Ave, West Pontnewydd, Cwmbran