Same cuts, only drawn out

2:50pm Friday 22nd June 2012

LABOUR councillor Nigel Dix seems to be suffering from selective memory loss. I have written many letters over the last 13 years on child and pensioner poverty. Now Cllr Dix has started the blame game, but if Welsh families were better off, then these cuts wouldn’t be so devastating.

I think Cllr Dix should have researched what his Labour Party’s shadow chancellor had to say. Let me enlighten him.

Mr Balls said: “A Labour government wouldn’t reverse the freeze on pay of public sector workers.”

Then he goes on to say pay restraints in the public sector in this Parliament would have been necessary whoever was in power.

So basically, Labour would make the same cuts as the Tories, but over a longer period: that’s like having a tooth removed over a few days and not minutes.

So when I say Labour failed Wales, sadly the facts agree with me. If your readers research the poverty stats, the data is very depressing. Even the Labour Welsh government have admitted their poverty plan has failed, by extending it to another ten years.

Andrew Thomas Nutt, Heolddu Road, Bargoed


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