Austerity is not the solution

3:58pm Wednesday 27th June 2012

IT was Paul Murphy, MP, who called Plaid Cymru the daffodil Tories. Mr Nutt’s letter (June 22) where he strongly defends Cameron’s austerity programme will only confirm this.

I believe austerity is the problem, not the solution. The Greeks have had six years of cuts, tax rise and privatisation due to the loan conditions placed on them by Germany and the IMF, only to see their economy shrink year on year, leading to more debt, more cuts and more austerity.

We need to pay down our deficit over a longer period without killing off growth. Tory economic policy has resulted in a self-made double-dip recession. It’s time Cameron changed his slogan from ‘we are in this together’, to ‘it’s all pain and no gain’.

President Obama has rightly criticised European governments for not investing in their economies. However, it is heartening to see that the French and Greek governments are now pushing for growth and an increase in the time loans are paid back.

Recent election results show the people of Wales are aware of what Plaid stand for. Little wonder, then, that Plaid are now a spent force.

Cllr Nigel Dix, Montclaire Avenue, Blackwood


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