Your correspondent D J Pritchard’s contribution asking how much longer must Argus readers suffer the daily nonsense written by Cllr Nigel Dix is timely indeed. As with a (sometimes very regular) group of letter writers (I don’t have to name them), one merely has to look at the name at the end of the letter to know pretty well what the content is likely to be. I won’t say more than most, but Nigel Dix’s regular contributions start to wear a bit thin, as D J Pritchard points out most lucidly.

Despite Nigel Dix’s belief in the Labour Party mantra, the actual facts speak for themselves, which then begs the question, why does he keep on with the same old stuff? Does he aspire to make AM status next now he’s been re-elected to the Caerfilli Borough Council and is an erstwhile saviour of Blackwood Town Council?

Stu Vigus, Wyndcliffe View, St Arvans, Chepstow